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Restorative Relaxation with Audrey: The Art of Introspection & Rest

Saturday, September 29th - 4:00PM-6:00PM

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Sometimes an imbalance of stress on the body can cause us to go into overdrive and then we are unable to find calm and balance even at times of rest. This is becoming a common issue in our society. Now more than ever you can benefit from a good dose of tuning in and slowing down in an attempt to regain that balance and find inner harmony.

This work benefits the physical body, promoting better digestion, sleep, brain function, skin health and more, but also penetrates deeper into our emotional health and beyond.

When we tap into that deep sense of calm, our bodies become held in a nurturing way. Propped and bolstered, we can sink in because our bodies begin to feel safe and supported. This process allows for that deeper opening of the physical body, penetrating into the emotional body, and what follows is deeper breathing and deeper rest.

In this workshop with Audrey, learn how to setup and sink in to these rejuvenating postures, soften your nervous system and restore your body as you gently rock it into a state of relaxation and ease.

All levels welcome.

*Workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable.