Andrea Corazzini (Owner)

Fitness has been a passion of Andrea’s since she was a teenager. She was an athlete throughout high school and college participating in swimming, track and gymnastics. She has competed in triathlons, biathlons, road and cycling races. 
After attending The University of Georgia and Suffolk University for a degree in business and entering into that field, she realized that her real passion was in the fitness industry. She became certified in personal training, spinning, group exercise, boot camps and mat Pilates. She worked at various health clubs in the Boston area, doing everything from cleaning, receptionist, trainer, teacher, and eventually, helping to open a gym with her husband, Tom Regan, owner of Regan's Motivated Fitness. This was the ultimate satisfaction as she was able to give back to others her experience and motivation. She is inspired by all of her clients. The results for each are rewarding for themselves as well as her.                                                                                  
She started practicing yoga and found herself drawn to it. She was able to not only connect physically, but mentally as well. She entered into this new phase of fitness for herself, but realized this was something she could pass along to others by becoming a yoga instructor. She completed her 200 hour yoga certification at Back Bay Yoga in April of 2014. She finds yoga to be physically challenging, yet at the same time, she is able to let go of the intense competitive mask she usually puts on. Yoga to her is a complete mind, body and soul experience.                                  
Andrea is incredibly excited to have followed her dream of opening East Side Yoga and Fitness Studio. At the studio, she will be able to give personal attention to those seeking a healthy way of living by offering yoga, personal training, and strength and conditioning classes. She truly hopes she can pass along her passion in the fitness industry to others and inspire them.



Paulina found Yoga Sculpt serendipitously; dropping into a class, unaware of what an amazing, full body workout she was about to experience. After her first class, she knew this was the workout for her. After 20 years of dancing, she was excited to find a form of exercise that engaged her whole body and fun loving spirit. Paulina finished her teaching certification in the winter of 2015 and is excited to share her love of Yoga Sculpt with her students.  Be prepared to sweat, have fun and leave feeling invigorated and strong!


Mandy Stonely

From the moment she first stepped on her mat nine years ago she knew yoga would play a significant role in her life. Mandy was initially drawn to yoga as a fitness endeavor, though she found herself returning to her mat day after day for the mental benefits. The more she practiced, the more that feeling of calm and tranquility translated into her daily life. The mind-body connection that yoga instills has taught her so much about herself and subsequently changed her perspective for the better. She has gained a true sense of contentment and is more appreciative of everyone and everything in her life. Mandy hopes to guide her students on their own path to enlightenment and help them find the same inner peace that the practice of yoga gave her.



Ashley has been practicing yoga for many years sharing her practice with family and friends. She deepened her practice through Health Yoga Life’s 200 hour teacher training program. In addition to yoga, Ashley has a passion for running, completing 6 Marathons and always training for the next. She uses the practice of yoga to keep her body healthy and her mind at ease. She brings a fun upbeat persona to her classes, often adding a gentle challenge. She feels fulfilled seeing students leave with a smile, knowing they have gained both the mental and physical benefits the practice has to offer!



Colleen starting practicing yoga in 2009 to find stillness in her busy life. She found it quickly, in her very first class, along with so much more. For Colleen, yoga is a lot more than a physical practice and she takes the balance she finds on her mat into her daily life becoming more mindful and content. Always a student, Colleen continues to learn more about herself through her yoga practice everyday. She teaches a power class, encouraging her students to explore their edge and strives to share her love of yoga and mindfulness.

Nicole ferraro

Nicole is Boston-based yoga teacher (RYT-200), Certified Health and Wellness Coach, amateur chef and community health advocate who currently works in chronic disease prevention at the Boston Public Health Commission. Nicole stumbled upon yoga after after feeling lost in the fitness world for 10 years due to teenage knee injuries that put an early end to her days as a high school athlete. She soon learned that yoga was much more than exercise as she became more calm, grounded and learned how powerful breath can be. Her yoga classes are fun, upbeat, intentional and open to all levels and abilities. Nicole loves real food, good wine, deep breaths and high fives.


REbecca Drootin

In addition to being a triathlete, Rebecca is always looking for new and exciting ways to channel her enthusiasm for life and activity around the world. From rock climbing to playing tennis, and from strength training to playing the piano; she finds that yoga brings the perfect balance to her everyday life.  After 12 years of practicing yoga, she is consistently inspired by the strength, balance, and calm achieved through breath and asana. Rebecca received her 200 hour teacher certification from Back Bay Yoga, and 100 hours in Yoga Therapy through Soulful Yoga Therapy. She is dedicated to welcoming and encouraging others to challenge both their body and minds on and off the mat.

Madeleine (Maddy) Pizey

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Madeleine’s yogic journey brought her to Southeast Asia, where she began to practice Ashtanga yoga daily. This eventually took her to India where she completed 200 hours of training with Vijay Amor. When Madeleine returned to the States, she received 100 hours of training with Ame Wren, participated in an intensive mentorship led by Lauren Perreault, and completed Level One Journey Into Power teacher training with Baron Baptiste. Madeleine is currently in graduate school at Lesley University receiving her masters in Mindfulness. Madeleine presently studies with her two mentors Coeli Marsh and Masaaki Okamura and is deeply grateful to have the opportunity to study and learn from all of her teachers.

Jacqueline (JACKIE) Bath


Jackie stumbled upon Yoga Sculpt after a knee injury left her unable to endure any high impact exercises. Sculpt physically challenged her while still being kind to her knees. After a year of taking classes, she decided to pursue her fitness passion and became a certified Balanced Body Barre and Pilates Mat instructor and CorePower Yoga Sculpt instructor.  Jackie teaches a fun yet challenging choreography. Her hope is that you leave class feeling stronger, both mentally and physically.



Audrey began practicing in 2010 and was instantly hooked. Yoga helped her to feel grounded and connected like nothing else, and her yoga practice has only grown since. Audrey's classes are always focused on breath. In vinyasa, she tries to strike a balance between challenging sequences that cultivate strength and mobility, and restorative postures that soften and soothe the nervous system. When teaching yin and restorative, she tries to guide students into an extended meditative state. Audrey draws from her experiences as a dancer, an emotional, truth seeking human being, and an introvert to cultivate an environment that is comfortable and welcoming to everyone, new student or long time practitioner.

Audrey only hopes that students will leave her class more aligned, seeking to expand their yoga practice.


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Rose grew up playing sports including Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Track & Field and Cheerleading. After leaving high school, Rose turned to group fitness classes during college to keep her energized. She started taking a variety of classes from kickboxing to spin to step and stumbled upon her first yoga class at East Side in 2016. She was immediately drawn to the friendly staff and workout results. Rose was recently certified as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor and teaches Strength & Conditioning. Her class focuses on working all major muscle groups while incorporating HIIT Cardio sequences. Rose enjoys all things active and makes a point to have fun while working out through high energy moves and music.



After being a dancer for ten years and physically active her whole life, Sara wanted to explore a new way of movement and physical activity. She discovered yoga in 2010 and fell in love with the asana practice. She was so intrigued with the way her physical body and mind felt when she would leave class. Yoga made her become a more productive and aware human being, and she began to find the best version of herself. After  years of deepening her practice: taking workshops with master yogis and attending a retreat to Mexico with Renee Leblanc, Sara enrolled in teacher training in January 2017. She is Yoga-Works 200 hour certified, under Caitlyn Visconte, Renee LeBlanc, and Vito Politano. She is also certified in Kate Graham's Yoga in Therapy (100hr) in which she began immersing her entire mind and spirit into the practice in a different light. Sara now fosters the true concept of freedom and joy through the union with the self.


Angelina Costa

Angelina has always had an interest in athletics. In high school, she played soccer, field hockey, and ran track. She continued to be active by going to the gym, rock climbing, training in Judo, and practicing yoga in college. When she first started Yoga, she thought it was going to be easy. She left her first class feeling challenged and at peace, which is why she continues to practice yoga. For Angelina, yoga has helped relieve anxiety, regain energy, and keep her grounded during her most stressful times.  In 2015, she completed her masters in Occupational Therapy in California and moved to Boston in 2016 to begin her career as an Occupational Therapist and received her CYT-200 through Aura Wellness in summer 2018.  Angelina integrates her knowledge of mental health and the benefits of Yoga with her patients, students, and self. 

SHIREENa El Gallal


 Growing up a dancer, Shireena traveled to discover cultures through music and movement which has widely inspired her uniquely choreographed, fun and empowering classes. She stumbled upon yoga and discovered how yoga, dance and music perfectly complement each other leaving her in a state of trance. Shireena’s vinyasa practice focuses on starting from the ground, creating heat and strength before cooling back down into savasana. She truly enjoys creating and innovating unique movement and creating the perfect choreography for every sequence. Sharing her passion for dance and yoga is the ideal practice for Shireena.

Marilyn Petrowski


Marilyn has been a long time yogi and athlete, spinning, running, and flowing since high school. She decided to deepen her practice, becoming Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certified through Core Power Yoga in the Fall of 2017. Shortly after that, she became trained in the weight barring techniques of a sculpt class. Immediately following her certifications, she fell in love with teaching. She is passionate about breaking a sweat but even more passionate about taking the strength and energy we cultivate in class off of our mats into the rest of our day. Marilyn strives to have all of her sculpt classes leaving you feeling stronger and energized.


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As a physical educator, Nikki’s goal each and everyday is to not only make wellness attainable for all, but fun and differentiated. Being an athlete her entire life, she knew she wanted to work in the wellness world and the stars aligned for her to become a Boston Educator.

Nikki took a deep dive into the world of yoga when she knew she wanted it in her curriculum. There is nothing in the world that brings her more joy than teaching children yoga. If you haven’t seen a 7 year old take bakasana for the first time, you haven’t experienced pure joy. During the summer of 2018 she decided to enroll in a 200 hr YTT through YogaWorks, and her next step is to now share this incredible practice with more humans, big & small.