Andrea Corazzini (Owner)

Fitness has been a passion of Andrea’s since she was a teenager. She was an athlete throughout high school and college participating in swimming, track and gymnastics. She has competed in triathlons, biathlons, road and cycling races. 
After attending The University of Georgia and Suffolk University for a degree in business and entering into that field, she realized that her real passion was in the fitness industry. She became certified in personal training, spinning, group exercise, boot camps and mat Pilates. She worked at various health clubs in the Boston area, doing everything from cleaning, receptionist, trainer, teacher, and eventually, helping to open a gym with her husband, Tom Regan, owner of Regan's Motivated Fitness. This was the ultimate satisfaction as she was able to give back to others her experience and motivation. She is inspired by all of her clients. The results for each are rewarding for themselves as well as her.                                                                                  
She started practicing yoga and found herself drawn to it. She was able to not only connect physically, but mentally as well. She entered into this new phase of fitness for herself, but realized this was something she could pass along to others by becoming a yoga instructor. She completed her 200 hour yoga certification at Back Bay Yoga in April of 2014. She finds yoga to be physically challenging, yet at the same time, she is able to let go of the intense competitive mask she usually puts on. Yoga to her is a complete mind, body and soul experience.                                  
Andrea is incredibly excited to have followed her dream of opening East Side Yoga and Fitness Studio. At the studio, she will be able to give personal attention to those seeking a healthy way of living by offering yoga, personal training, and strength and conditioning classes. She truly hopes she can pass along her passion in the fitness industry to others and inspire them.

Jessi Dellert


Jessi was a dancer all of her life and loved expressing herself through movement. In college she took some time off the stage and tried to find other ways of being active including the university gym. Feeling unfulfilled with weight machines and treadmills she was dragged to a yoga class with a few friends. After a sweet savasana she left her mat with such a full body high and knew she was hooked.

She was drawn to the mat day in and out and talking, reading, and practicing everywhere and anywhere she could, she decided to enroll in Back Bay Yoga Teacher Training and hasn't looked back since.

As yoga instructor, her classes are vinyasa style, very fluid and playful with a sprinkle of arm balances and advance postures for all levels of yogis. You will find her classes filled with alignment points and hands on adjustments while allowing the mind to relax in a moving meditation.

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Meaghan Quinn

Yoga has been a transformative part of Meaghan’s life since she first started practicing ten years ago. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Natasha Rizopoulos in the YogaWorks program, which is based on the precision of the Iyengar system and the flow of the Ashtanga method.
Meaghan believes that when we practice awareness, mindfulness, and compassion during a yoga class, these qualities eventually become incorporated into our everyday lives. Yoga has also proven to be invaluable to her athletic pursuits, including several sprint triathlons and half marathons. Her classes incorporate proper alignment cues while consciously linking the breath with movement. She continues to be inspired by the ways in which both the physical practice and the philosophy of yoga positively affect her life, and hopes that she can inspire others to find joy and self-awareness through their own practice.  Meaghan is currently applying to doctorate programs for physical therapy, and also enjoys running, cooking, and playing music.


Coe Scasino-Ramos 

Coe is a first grade teacher in Boston - and being a teacher is her favorite thing about herself.  After learning some simple poses and breathing techniques in the classroom, her first graders became interested in yoga and Coe decided to become a certified Pediatric Yoga teacher. She practices every morning with her first graders.  The passion and heart of her students inspired her to study Vinyasa Yoga under the tutelage of Rolf Gates. In 2013 Coe became certified as a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher.


Kristen has been active all her life, playing multiple sports growing up and swimming at a Division 1 school where she was a record holder and captain. Post-college she started running and slowly dove into the sport of triathlon. Since 2008 she has completed more than 10 half marathons, 3 marathons, 15 olympic and sprint distance triathlons and 1 half-iron distance triathlon. Throughout her triathlon and run training she realized the importance of strength training and flexibility, and over the past few years has received certifications in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Fitness Nutrition and Pilates Mat. She has coached masters swim teams, triathlon teams and individual athletes. Kristen is passionate about helping people reach their goals and staying active, and can't wait to share her health and fitness knowledge with you!

Mandy Stonely

From the moment she first stepped on her mat nine years ago she knew yoga would play a significant role in her life. Mandy was initially drawn to yoga as a fitness endeavor, though she found herself returning to her mat day after day for the mental benefits. The more she practiced, the more that feeling of calm and tranquility translated into her daily life. The mind-body connection that yoga instills has taught her so much about herself and subsequently changed her perspective for the better. She has gained a true sense of contentment and is more appreciative of everyone and everything in her life. Mandy hopes to guide her students on their own path to enlightenment and help them find the same inner peace that the practice of yoga gave her.

Natalie Mera

Natalie was a competitive gymnast growing up and loved the mental and physical challenges of the sport. After moving on from gymnastics after high school, she took group fitness classes to maintain her flexibility, endurance and strength.  Natalie has taken a variety of group exercises classes such as yoga, kickboxing, yoga sculpt, strength & conditioning, etc. She’s been part of the ESY&F community since they opened and enjoys the different classes the studio has to offer. She decided to get certified this year as an ACE Group Fitness instructor so that she could share her love for fitness with others. 


In addition to being a triathlete, Rebecca is always looking for new and exciting ways to channel her enthusiasm for life and activity. From rock climbing to playing tennis, and from strength training to playing the piano; she finds that yoga brings the perfect balance to her everyday life. After 10 years of practicing yoga, she is consistently inspired by the strength, balance, and calm achieved through breath and asana. Rebecca received her 200 hour teacher certification from Back Bay Yoga and is dedicated to welcoming and encouraging others to challenge both their body and minds on and off the mat.


Paulina found Yoga Sculpt serendipitously; dropping into a class, unaware of what an amazing, full body workout she was about to experience. After her first class, she knew this was the workout for her. After 20 years of dancing, she was excited to find a form of exercise that engaged her whole body and fun loving spirit. Paulina finished her teaching certification in the winter of 2015 and is so excited to share her love of Yoga Sculpt with her students.  Be prepared to sweat, have fun and leave feeling invigorated and strong!



Yoga has been a daily practice, whether it be on or off the mat, for the past five years. Forever a student, Maddie’s yoga journey begins and deepens with each new day.  She believes that from within we can unlock the potential to bring forth our truest selves, and for her, yoga has been the key to this work. Maddie is an avid traveler, musician, crafter, and ocean/nature lover who loves to blend creativity with movement. One day she will live in an ocean shack complete with a full set of paddleboards and many, many puppies.

She recently completed her 200 YTT at YogaWorks Boston with Renee LeBlanc and Caitlyn Graham Visconte. Her teaching style is a high-vibin' power vinyasa fueled by the intention to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

lisa london

Years ago, a friend described to me how his job allowed him to enter a state of flow.  He explained it as a state of mind in which one becomes absorbed in a feeling of energized focus and full enjoyment.  After that conversation I started to search for ways to bring that feeling into my life.  It was not until I began practicing yoga that I finally found my flow.  I signed up for the 200-hour teacher training at YogaWorks to deepen my practice and to see where it might take me.  I feel grateful to be able to flow while I’m practicing, but even more so, to see how those feelings have spilled over into my everyday life.  I’m enjoying the journey and I hope to help others who also want to find what makes them flow.  

Nicole ferraro

Nicole is Boston-based yoga teacher (RYT-200), Certified Health and Wellness Coach, amateur chef and community health advocate who currently works in chronic disease prevention at the Boston Public Health Commission. Nicole stumbled upon yoga after after feeling lost in the fitness world for 10 years due to teenage knee injuries that put an early end to her days as a high school athlete. She soon learned that yoga was much more than exercise as she became more calm, grounded and learned how powerful breath can be. Her yoga classes are fun, upbeat, intentional and open to all levels and abilities. Nicole loves real food, good wine, deep breaths and high fives.

Kelly NUmmelin

Kelly has been practicing yoga for over 11 years and received her Yoga Instructor certification at Inner Strength Yoga Studio under Roman Spzond in April 2014.  Kelly lives and breathes health and wellness; Kelly teaches spin classes in the morning hours and also offers yoga classes at the Reebok Corporate Headquarters during her breaks from her job as a Product Development Manager of athletic apparel.  Inspired by her teachers, peers, environment, and world travels, Kelly’s bring a unique sense of empowerment to each of her classes and training sessions.  Kelly is also a certified personal trainer & nutrition coach; her well-rounded understanding of health & wellness offers her clients a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.  The yoga classes & training sessions Kelly offers are always challenging physically and mentally.  Kelly’s yoga classes are offered in both English and Sanskrit with uplifting music and hands-on assisting. They are invigorating and full of energy, leaving you feeling powerful and yearning for more.  Kelly aims to live a balanced, yogic lifestyle and leads her classes in a way that reflects that choice



Joanne began her yoga journey in 2012 after moving to Boston. After years of high school and college cheerleading, she started to search for something new to stay physically active. She found yoga, or maybe yoga found her. Since then, yoga has become more than just exercise; it has inspired her to use breath and movement to find stability and peace in the chaos of life. Joanne received her RYT-200 at South Boston Yoga in 2016, under Todd Skoglund and David Vendetti. Joanne teaches a fast-flow energetic vinyasa class open to all levels that will challenge you and guide you through your own personal yoga journey. 

Madeleine Pizey

IMG_4091 (1).JPG

Madeleine began practicing yoga in college to try a new physical activity aside from running. She quickly learned and strongly believes that yoga is more than a simple workout—it is a lifestyle; a path that transforms the physical into the spiritual. Yoga transformed Madeleine’s life. 

Her yogic journey brought her to Southeast Asia, where she began to practice Ashtanga yoga daily. This eventually took her to India where she completed 200 hours of training with Vijay Amor and later 100 hours with Ame Wren and level one with Baron Baptiste. She learned the age-old theories behind Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga and how to live a meditative yoga lifestyle. She is currently in graduate school at Lesley University studying Mindfulness. Her classes are gathered around breath, connection, playfulness and quieting your thoughts. She teaches vinyasa flows to get energy moving and to get you out of your head and into your body. As a teacher, she aims to provide a welcoming, secure and trusting environment for her students to experience their own transformation.


Kate began practicing yoga in high school for both its physical and mental benefits. In college, she enrolled in a course called “How Can Yoga Change the World?” in Bali, Indonesia, which sparked her desire to teach. Shortly after, she became YogaFit certified and has loved teaching yoga ever since. Kate’s classes are full of energy and strength, but offer a deep relaxation just when it is most needed. Working as a medical provider by day, she can guide her classes through postures that provide health benefits for all students. Catch her on the weekends teaching Power Yoga, where you will leave feeling refreshed and energized to take on your work outs for the week ahead!